The most beautiful part of life is the struggle. Creating something out of nothing. Only the hungriest can achieve what they truly pursue.


A lot of our symbolism is deemed as negative. Ever since I started drawing when I was younger I was scolded for my artwork being violent, negative, or wrong. One thing that a lot of people can’t see was what I saw; beauty in the bad places of our lives. Have you ever remembered a bad time in your life and realized how that moment formed you into who you are today? Though it was bad for you then, it probably taught you something you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Bad Things Beautiful is one of the ways I remind myself and others that there is always a good side to the bad; artistically and mentally. It takes a stable emotion to be able to see the beauty in bad things. One of my biggest goals is to be able to portray negative things in an appealing and interesting way for people to enjoy and learn from.


Famine began very literally. The Holodomor Holocaust was a widespread famine in Ukraine, a genocide started by the USSR. The communist government was suffering in rations and began to impede on Ukrainian land, stealing all crops, grain, cattle, and other resources necessary for survival in order to keep their army and nation afloat. My previous generations; my family, somehow survived this mass genocide as well as going through war and religious sanctions. Looking back at our past, Famine represents the strong resilience of human will, perseverance, and survival.